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Complete and Integral Maritime Support

24/7 Support in all your requeriments

We support your services and requirements efficiently, offering you a wide range of alternatives. Hotels, transfers, food and all the basic services required for emergencies.

Study and ananlysis of Agencies

We analyze each national shipping agency, giving you a study of each one of them; ensuring that your stay will be efficient and reduced in costs. Allowing to know strengths and weaknesses of each of them when you choose them for your representation

Rental of Generators Sets & ISO Tanks

We are representatives of a world-renowned company TML Generator Group Rental Service; Industrial, mining and maritime PowerPacks; ready to work on board, in port in industrial plants, docks, drydocks, or where you need.

Turbochargers, Diesel Engineering

Preventive and corrective maintenance services in diesel engines, failure analysis, major maintenance, on-site and external repairs. Presence at the national level. Maintenance of heavy machinery.

Benefits of hiring our services

  • Our 24/7 support will help you make your stay more effective, allow you to reduce costs and guarantee the correct execution of procedures and protocols.
  • We carry out the study of the maritime/shipping agencies that could represent them in our country, analyzing each aspect of them, and guaranteeing our professional orientation.
  • We have the representation of large companies that guarantee success and your safety when executing the required work.
  • As part of our support, we offer you the direct guarantee of a wide range of suppliers that, thanks to our alliance, will allow you to reduce costs and make the most of them.